The world is engulfed in atrocities of various kinds from colonization of lands to the exploitation of the poor to human rights abuses. In the process, the dignity of human beings is greatly undermined by those who have the power to do so. The occupation of Palestine by the racist and illegal Zionist regime epitomizes these crimes and is the greatest threat to peace and stability across the globe.

What is the Al-Quds Committee?

The Al-Quds Committee is a group formed in an effort to peacefully raise the voice against the atrocities and human rights’ violations of Zionism by coordinating with all those people of conscience, Muslim, Jew, Christian etc. who are ready to struggle for the justice and peace for the occupied Palestine and it’s innocent civilians.

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Our Demands

Our Demands


GAZA Blockade

The Al-Quds Committee wants to bring immediate attention to the plight of the innocent civilian people of Gaza currently under siege since June 2007. We call upon the international community to utilize all methods available, to stop the collective Illegal punishment imposed on the innocent civilian people of Gaza, by the Zionist Regime. The United Nations have called the blockade of humanitarian aid Illegal according to the Geneva Conventions on a number of occasions, a call also echoed by the International Committee of the Red Cross.


Criminal Acts – Past and Present

The Al-Quds Committee stands against all forms of Oppression and Injustice being perpetrated upon the people of Palestine by the Zionist Regime.

Additionally, the Al-Quds Committee condemns the Brutal and Criminal action carried out by the Zionist Regime when it attacked the Freedom Flotilla destined for Gaza on May 31st, 2010, resulting in the murder of 9 innocent people.

Right to Self-Determination

The Al-Quds Committee stands for the Palestinians’ political Right to Self-Determination.

Also, the Al-Quds Committee demands that a free referendum be held in the Palestinian territory, as the Palestinian people deserve the right to determine their own fate, in accordance with the spirit and the letter of the Charter of the United Nations.

Additionally, the Al-Quds Committee believes that free access must be granted to all of Jerusalem and the Holy Shrines.

Foreign Policy

The Al-Quds Committee asks the US administration to End All forms of support to the Zionist Regime and calls for a Balanced political stand with regards to the conflict.

Also, the Al-Quds Committee demands that the US administration do its utmost to bring about an immediate end to the Unjust and Illegal Settlement Activity.


The Al-Quds Committee calls for and fully supports a complete and immediate Boycott of all Commercial Organizations which Support and/or Conduct Significant Business with the Zionist Regime.

The Al-Quds Committee demands an immediate End to All US Aid to the Zionist Regime, which in turn is used to further the Oppression of the Palestinians.

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